Vegan Body Builders

One of my biggest pet hates is people who stereotype and make assumptions, but I must admit that as much as I try I am sometimes guilty of it myself. Whilst browsing through the Meatless Mondays website I was pleasantly surprised to find an article which provides advice for vegan bodybuilders. Apparently there are over 5,000 bodybuilders who use fruit, vegetables, beans and wholegrains to aid their training. What I find even more interesting is that they manage to consume the same amount of protein (what you need to make your muscles look really big) as their omnivore competitors, but consume less fat and toxins.

Personally, I don’t think I could physically eat the 4,000 calories a day needed by bodybuilders, wherever it came from, but it’s interesting to know that a plant-based diet is an option for different groups of people.


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