On a Monday evening I usually attend a pilates class at my local community centre. My neighbour used to come with me, and during one visit, she expressed an interest in trying the Trixster Spin class. Great! I thought. An activity that I haven’t tried before, it sounds interesting and for once I won’t have to turn up on my own.
Although a lot of people are familiar with what a spin class is, I should probably explain what it involves. I once heard about a woman’s partner who had only recently discovered that spin class involves bikes. For two years he had assumed she spent one evening every week spinning round in circles with a group of like-minded women. The bikes are fixed to the floor, and an instructor shouts instructions to you whilst you pedal your backside off.
When the next class came around I was all ready to go, and my neighbour bailed on me! Never one to shy away from a promise I’ve made to myself, I set off for the community centre. Unfortunately, the receptionist had given me the wrong class times, and I accidentally turned up to the advanced class instead of the beginners group.

Three minutes into the warm-up, I made the rookie mistake of looking at the clock. There was no way I could survive another 42 minutes of this! I was exhausted already! I resorted to sporadically joining in with the exercises when I could, and just sitting and pedalling the rest of the time. I found the resistance on the bike hard to master as well. That should have been no surprise, though, I struggle with gears on a real bike. When the instructor shouted to hike up the resistance, everyone else powered away on their bikes whilst I just stopped with my bum in mid-air. I soon learnt why everyone else had brought their own towels along with them, I felt like I’d sweated out all the fluid in my body! If anyone has seen the film Bridget Jone’s diary with Renee Zellweger, all I can say is I no longer look at the scene where she falls off the exercise bike as comedic fiction. I was literally struggling to walk out of the class afterwards, and the fitness suite being on the upper floor of the community centre only compounded my problems. Trying to walk down stairs whilst your legs feel like jelly and maintain any type of composure around all your other classmates who have quite obviously been spinning for years is virtually impossible. It can’t have been that bad, though, because I’ve been back since. It’s a great cardio workout, and you feel great once you’ve got the feeling back in your legs and bum. If you are thinking of trying spin for the first time, though, I’d definitely recommend going to the beginners class first.


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