You have to try these

I had to share this photo with you. As a keen baker, over the past year I’ve been trying to experiement with plant-based versions of some favourite treats. I’ve had some successes, and some disasters.

When Somer over at Vedgedout posted a recipe for Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Pecan Cookies, they looked so good that I had to give them a try. I was not disappointed. My photo is nowhere near as good as the ones that Annie took for Somer, but I promise you that my cookies looked a lot more appetising in real life. Somer told me that this recipe is very forgiving, and she wasn’t wrong. No joke, anybody could make these. I made of couple of changes to the original recipe, like missing out the coconut because I’m allergic and swapping out a couple of ingredients for their British equivalents. Due to my poor maths, I also completely messed up the quantities when converting them to millilitres. All that, combined with the fact that I used gluten-free flour (yes, I’m allergic to gluten too!), had me convinced that the cookies would come out of the oven looking like something my neighbour’s cat usually leaves in our garden. But they didn’t! They taste great!

Double Dark Chocolate Cookies


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