Travel Theme: Transportation

Another great travel theme from Ailsa this week – Transportation. I’ve used various forms of transport during my travels, some I would definitely use again and others that are best categorised as ‘at least I’ve experienced them’. Here are a few that I captured on camera.


Starting with my all-time favourite form of transport – my skis 🙂

Before you ask (because everyone does), I wasn’t sold an odd pair of skis. They are meant to be different colours, they’re a ‘flip-flop’ design.


My trusty steed for the day

I usually end up on a bike at some point when I travel.


My first trip in a helicopter, over the Grand Canyon.


Skis weren’t my only form of transport when I worked in winter resorts. These beautiful horses carried us around Seefeld, Austria in their sleigh/buggy (depending on the amount of snow).


And some of my guests chose to travel down the mountain on the Olympic bobsleigh run.

Whichever mode of transport you choose to use, the important thing is that you keep travelling x



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