Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This post is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge Illumination.

I grew up in Blackpool, Lancashire, home to the famous Illuminations. Every year, from August until November,  the full stretch of promenade (6 miles) from Gynn Square to Star Gate is lit up with the most incredible light display using over one million bulbs. So, when it comes to lights I’m pretty hard to impress. As pretty as the Christmas Lights are here in South Wales, they’re just never going to match up.

For me to be moved by illumination, I had to go somewhere bigger, brighter and even more cheesy than Blackpool. There was only one place on Earth that fit the bill – Las Vegas!

The famous Las Vegas sign
The jaw-droppingly spectacular biggest TV in the world
The whole town lights up at night. It really is incredible.


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