Go Devils!


Still no snow here in Cardiff. There are rumours that it’s going to start this afternoon, but it’s already almost 5pm and the sky looks empty to me.

We don’t need the snow to experience the frozen world, though. Last night I took my seven year old godson to see his first ice-hockey game. I love watching ice-hockey, and I was really hoping that he would take to the new activity too.

Our local team are the Cardiff Devils, and last night they were playing the Fife Flyers. I have to say, fight wise, the match was quite tame compared to others that I have seen, but the game itself was really exciting. The Devils got off to a good start by scoring in the first third, and then again in the second. It looked like Fife might make a come-back in the final third when the score reached 2-1, but then Cardiff smashed in a third goal and it was all over.

As always, it was hard to gauge what my godson was thinking during all the action. I long ago gave up trying to second guess what he might and might not like, and his interest in things tends to come and go. As far as I could tell, he was more interested in the slush puppy he was drinking than the ice-hockey.

As we got into the car to drive home, all the thoughts that had clearly been filling his head for the previous couple of hours suddenly burst out of his mouth – ‘What was that number in the middle of the score board? What was your favourite part of the match? I had two favourite parts. One was when the Scottish player knocked the goal over, and the other was when that player broke his stick. Why are the other team called visitors on the score board…?’ and so on. It seems he’d been paying a lot more attention that I thought. It just goes to show, you should never underestimate kids!


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