What I’ve Learnt This Week


Aaaarrgh! The weather in Wales has gone crazy! This week we have had snow, ice, heavy (and I mean really heavy) rain and high winds. After getting soaked in town last night whilst trying to find a taxi home (it’s easier to find an England supporter than it is a taxi in Cardiff these days), I awoke this morning to bright sunshine outside my bedroom window. At last, I thought, some nice weather. About twenty minutes later, the hailstones started. I’ve also seen a rainbow today, and whilst I was drawing the above sketch we had thunder and lightning. I don’t think there’s a weather condition we haven’t had.

I did venture out of the house to go to an open day at a local leisure centre today. My main reason for going was the promise of vegan food stalls. There wasn’t a huge amount of food there, and the producers that were there were for the main part ones that I was already aware of. I did get to try the most amazing vegan, gluten-free chocolate cake, though. I’ll never pass up the opportunity to try cake that I can safely eat!

As well as the food stalls, there were also vegan and anti-hunting/animal cruelty campaigners there. They were very generous, and let me collect lots of literature about being vegan and the meat industry. I’m constantly trying to educate myself about plant-based, environmentally aware living. Here are five new things that I learnt today:

When you buy leather, you can’t tell where it came from or what animal it was made from. I always assumed all leather sold in the UK was from cows, but apparently it is also made from horses, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs and possibly dogs and cats killed in Asia. After the drama we had here last week over horse meat being found in supermarket burgers, I wonder how outraged people would be to discover they’re probably also wearing horse skin on their feet.

Our ancestors got their B12 from the soil on unwashed vegetables and in dirty water. This is the answer to a question that I have been seaching for for a while. I knew that meat is the only place you can get B12 in a modern diet, and it’s the only vitamin you lack on a plant-based diet, but I couldn’t understand how our plant-based ancestors coped before B12 supplements. It’s not advised that you eat unwashed vegetables and drink dirty water by the way, just take the B12 supplement instead.

After dinner mints are vegan. I was so happy when I found this out – I love after dinner mints! I’ve just got to check that they’re gluten-free, and then guess what I’m going to the shop to buy 🙂

In their natural state, when cows reproduce, they provide enough milk just for their calves. The dairy industry keeps cows constantly pregnant in order to ensure a flow of milk.

Unlaid eggs are removed from slaughtered hens and used in the commercial manufacture of cakes, biscuits and fresh pasta. As I always say, if you can’t say what’s in it then you probably shouldn’t eat it.


4 Replies to “What I’ve Learnt This Week”

    1. It’s heavy rain again today, and the rain froze last night so my car was one big ice cube this morning! That chocolate cake was soooo good.

  1. Like you, I had always assumed that UK (and possibly all) leather came from cows – I too would be intrigued to hear people’s reactions if it were more widely known that this isn’t the case

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