Red Nose Day 2013

Over the past few months, my colleagues and I have made a concentrated effort to increase our charity fundraising both inside and outside the office.

I slept rough as part of the YMCA Sleep Easy Challenge.

Ben completed a Tough Guy Challenge. This was a huge achievement as only one third of the participants completed the course, and some were taken off the course because the medical team deemed them unfit to continue.

Jana is training for a 5k run.

Pauline is climbing Ben Nevis by night later in the year, and we’re supporting her by joining her on her ‘one mountain a month’ training sessions.

As a team, we’re raised thousands of pounds over the past few months for Bobath, the Scouts, Alzheimer’s Society and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the young), to new just a few.

Today is Comic Relief 2013. If you’ve never heard of Comic Relief before, it’s a national charity event here in the UK that mixes fundraising with comedy. It may sound a bit of an odd mix when you first hear about it, but for the past 25 years Comic Relief has been raising millions of pounds to help people here in the UK and in Africa.

In our office we have four colleague engagement reps who work incredibly hard to organise charity events. They excelled themselves today. We raised over £1,000 for Comic Relief.


Activities included a buffet lunch, a red nose hunt, a quiz and raffle.


Our good humoured colleague Ian volunteered to dress as a woman for the day. Not only did he stay in costume all day (and learnt how annoying long hair can be!), he’s currently attending his local darts night still dressed as a woman to collect more money. Where I’m from in Blackpool, cross-dressing is not unusual at all, but it takes a brave man to do the same thing in South Wales.

Finally, here I am all dressed up for Comic Relief in my Stella McCartney t-shirt and red nose.



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