Travel theme: Benches

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Benches. It’s an unusual choice, but believe it or not I quite often take photos of benches. Here are a few that I’ve picked out to share with you.


Most of our park benches in Cardiff are green, the colour our local council use for almost everything.


In a place as organic as the park, where plants and flowers refuse to be controlled and continue to grow whichever way they want, I love the fact that the benches are the one thing that are perfectly lined up.


I had to take this close-up of some roses that were attached to one of the benches, to preserve a scene that I knew would soon disappear. Even those the roses had long since died, I think there is still a beauty about them. I don’t know why the roses were left there, although most of our benches have commemorative plaques on them, so the gesture could be in memory of a loved one.


I took this photo on Easter Sunday this year when I was visiting family in Lancashire. The whole promenade in Cleveleys has been given an facelift since I was last there, and these benches are part of the sleek new design. Regular wooden benches can’t be used, because at high tide the sea water comes right up to the top of and over the wall you can see behind the bench.

Click here to see other people’s shots of benches from around the world.


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