I saved a life today. What did you do?


OK, so I didn’t literally save someone’s life, but I did donate blood.

My dad has been a blood donor since before I can remember. He used to take me along with him sometimes, and I couldn’t wait until I was 18 so that I could donate too. To me it was an easy decision, to give up something that I can do without but that means so much to the person you’re giving it to.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to donate as much as I’d like because I repeatedly fail my iron test. Although my iron is ‘at the lower end of the normal scale’ (their words not mine), I’m not short of iron. The real problem is that my blood is just very slow. Everyone else’s blood seems to dive bomb to the bottom of the test tube, military style, while mine takes it’s sweet time.

Today my blood seemed to be having a good day, and I was able to donate. The iron test rule is one of the many rules that I think should be changed to reflect modern society though, along with banning men who have had homosexual intercourse and people with tattoos and piercings. In twenty years time we are going to think it crazy that most gay men were not allowed to donate blood, even though we desperately needed the stocks to save lives. Personally, I think more should be done to improve the screening process so that more people can donate. Even people like me, with unbelievably slow blood!


4 Replies to “I saved a life today. What did you do?”

  1. Well done. I used to donate, but my blood was finally so slow that it coagulated long before we got to a pint. Our son carries on the tradition for a very worthwhile cause.

    1. I used to have problems getting to a pint as well. Now, I’m OK once the needle is in my arm – it’s just getting to that point that I struggle with!

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