Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This week’s photo challenge is Culture (click here to see more entries). It posed a problem for me at first. I have visited many places, and lived in quite a few, and taken lots of photos on the way, but I struggled to find a photo that really represented the culture of those places to me.

I ended up going right back to some photos that I’d taken with my very first digital camera. Due to that fact, the quality isn’t great.

One of the benefits of working as a holiday rep is that you get to experience most of the day trips and excursions as part of your job. One such excursion for me was to the Achaia Clauss winery in Greece.

From the first moment I entered Achaia Clauss, I was swept away into a Mediterranean fantasy. Even before I got near the wine, I was impressed by the traditional architecture and the welcoming atmosphere. When I entered the wine cellars, I was even more blown away. Our very enthusiastic guide told us all about how they produce and store the wine, and the importance of it to their culture. What amazed and impressed me the most, though, is the detail and artistic thought that is put into the intricate details of the wine casks. Each one is a work of art in itself, and I was impressed by the fact that that someone had put so much thought, time and care into something that so few people would see. Most of the people who drink the wine would never know that it had come from such a beautiful vessel.

Of course we got to try the wine. Their speciality is Mavrodaphne, a very dark red wine that is almost like port. Personally, I don’t usually like red wine, but I would make an exception for Mavrodaphne any day.


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