Bank Holiday bliss in Brecon


Last weeked was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so most of us were lucky to get an extra day off work. I was incredibly lucky, as this is the scene that I woke up to.

I love camping, and usually go a few times in the summer. This year, however, it’s been difficult to fit it in. My godson and I usually take our first camping trip of the season at Easter, but the weather was so bad earlier on this year that there was no hope of us being able to sleep in a field. The weather evetually picked up in June, and was glorious for the whole month, but my friend’s wedding kept us all busy. So, when another good friend of mine suggested that we head to Brecon for the August Bank Holiday weekend, I jumped at the chance. As well as taking my godson with me, who is now eight years old, I also got to take my two year old goddaughter camping for her VERY FIRST TIME!!!! I was so excited. I’ve been waiting to take her for ages, but various obstacles have stopped us. I was also a little nervous, but I’m pleased to say that she loved it and took to camping as well as her brother did when I first took him three years ago.

We stayed at Bishops Meadow, a really nice family-orientated site. It’s one of the warmest welcomes that I have ever had at a British campsite. I quite often get looked down upon for being in my 30s, straight and single, even when I have my godson with me (do they really think I’m going to start a riot with a child in tow?). But the staff at Bishops Meadow were nothing but friendly and professional. They also have a really clear, good-value tariff system that makes booking a lot easier. My only criticism would be a mistake that a lot of campsites make. They put the toilets closest to the caravans. Most caravans have their own toilets, and those of us who are sleeping in tents have to walk the furthest. It can be tricky, especially travelling on your own with two children, one of whom is toilet training.

Although a little cloudy, the weather was generally really nice for the whole weekend, and the kids made good use of the outdoor swimming pool.


Virtually on our doorstep, the Brecon Beacons are a stunningly beautiful part of Wales and a perfect destination to get away from the city for a while. Even where we stayed right at the northern edge of the Beacons, it still only took us just over an hour to get there (which I appreciated as the kids argued over a pillow for the whole journey!).


3 Replies to “Bank Holiday bliss in Brecon”

    1. Lush! I love camping! There’s nothing like it. I’m also very jealous of all the travelling you’ve been doing recently. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I love camping too. There is a time and place for hotels, but there is nothing better than camping. I love reading your blog! I’m glad you are enjoying my travels, as am I!

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