Back on snow at long last

As you may have guessed from my change in gravatar photo, last week I got back on my skis and in the snow. Unfortunately, as a result I am once again nursing bruised ribs. Most people presume I suffered the injury during an impressive fall on my skis, or in a crash with another mountain user. But no, just like the first time I bruised my ribs 18 months ago (falling off a stationary treadmill), I hurt myself in such a stupidly simple way that only I could. I bent down to pick up my ski pole. Yes, that was all. And that small movement, which I had already carried out numerous times that morning, led to my belt and ski pants digging into my side and causing me intense pain for the past 6 days (plus quite a few more to come, I’m sure). Luckily, this ridiculous injury happened on the last day of my holiday to Pila, Italy, and before that moment I’d had an amazing week.

It felt so good to be back on my skis again, and we were really lucky with the snow conditions and weather that we had in Italy. As well as skiing Pila, I also took advantage of a ski-away day to Courmayeur. So all in all, apart from the constant feeling that someone is trying to stab me in my side with a biro, a good week. Here’s some photos to prove it.


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