Loft Hostel, Reykjavik: Comfort on a budget

There are a few things I look for in travel accommodation. I like to stay in places that are interesting and not too far out of the action. Due to my plant-based diet, self-catering facilities are important to me, especially when there aren’t many vegetarian restaurants in the area. Also, when I’m travelling alone, I like to stay in hostels as it’s cheaper, and I have a chance to talk to people because I’m not on my own all the time.

Loft Hostel in Reykjavik ticked all of these boxes and more. Located on the liveliest street in the old town, it’s a great place to base yourself for your stay. Reception is on the top floor, right next to the trendy Loft Bar with a terrace that has great views over the city. Behind the bar is a very clean, well-equipped guest kitchen.

The rooms at Loft are clean, spacious and well thought-out, with individual lockers under the beds and nice little touches like handwash in the bathrooms. Oh, and they do have private rooms if you’d prefer.


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