Travelling Plant-based in Iceland

When travelling anywhere, my tip to sticking to your plant-based diet is BE PREPARED. If I know I’m going to be in transit, I always pack enough snacks to see me through until I’m confident I’ll find another meal.

DSC_0136Although I try not to eat processed food, I do make an exception when making travel meals due to convenience. For my Iceland trip I made some vegan cheese sandwiches (on gluten-free bread) along with some of my recently invented breakfast wraps (spinach and mushroom pudla, vegan soysage, vegan cheese and organic ketchup all bundled up in a gluten-free wrap). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the wraps that I usually buy, so this batch didn’t look so neat and tidy and were actually held together with two layers of clingfilm, but they’re still a great way to keep my calories up while I’m on the move. DSC_0137Chuck in some fresh fruit, cashew nuts, cereal bars and of course my ever present water bottle and I’m good to go.

As a plant-based traveller, I quite often have to make compromises. Eating the same meal five days in a row isn’t uncommon, and some of the plates I’ve been presented with can only loosely be described as a meal. In Reykjavik, I’m happy to say, I didn’t encounter any of these problems. There are three health food shops to choose from, all with a huge DSC_0147array of products, and one was only less than a minute walk from my hostel. Glo and Graenn Kostur are both restaurants that specialise in vegetarian and vegan food, and I didn’t have any problems getting soya milk in coffee shops.

All in all, Reykjavik has a culture where vegetarianism is accepted. Don’t get me wrong, alongside the vegetarian restaurants you’ll also find eateries serving puffin, whale and shark meat. But, for an island where they can only farm sheep, cows and horses, they more than cater for us plant-eaters.

Check out Happy Cow for a list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly stores and restaurants in Reykjavik, as well as lots of other places in the world.



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