My Wish Has Been Granted


There aren’t many things I miss from the days before I became vegetarian. I certainly don’t crave meat, and most other things that I removed from my diet have vegetarian alternatives nowadays. I try not to eat too much processed food, but on occasion I will treat myself to things like vegan cheese, jelly sweets and chocolate. However, the one food item I have not been able to find an alternative to for the past 20 years are marshmallows. I was never much of a fan of marshmallows as a kid, but when I went to work in the USA at the age of 21 I felt left out because I couldn’t make smores around the bonfire like everyone else. (Vegan marshmallows are available in the USA, but unfortunately they didn’t sell them where I worked, and I’ve never come across them during my other trips to the States). Unlike other items only available in the USA, unfortunately marshmallows don’t travel well, so it’s not even like I can order them online. Instead, I have had to patiently wait in the hope that one day they would be available in the UK.

And – my prayers have been answered. Whilst shopping in Cardiff city centre last week, I popped into one of the health food stores to pick up a few bits and saw these shining out at me from the shelf. I couldn’t believe it! At long last, vegan marshmallows available in the UK. What’s more, they are so yummy! Just as good as I remember marshmallows being when I was little.

I can’t wait until my next camping trip to try toasting them over the bonfire!


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