This week’s Photo Challenge is chosen by Nicole from thirdeyemom (click here to see more entries). Nicole’s blog is one of my favourites that I love to catch up with every day. She travels the world, helping good causes and educating us about social issues. Her photos are beautiful, and she has an amazing talent for capturing the extraordinary in images of regular people going about their day.

Unlike Nicole, I very rarely take photos of people. I’m not sure what it says about me, but unless they are the subject of the photo I try to keep humans out wherever possible. I guess I just prefer to photograph our imprint upon the Earth rather than our actual species. One group of people I do choose to keep photos of, however, is the people I travel with. I have been incredibly lucky in my life to have lived, worked and travelled in many countries around the world. On most of those journeys I have set out alone, but I always meet interesting people along the way. I have met and worked with people from various countries, cultures and walks of life. They have all taught me about the differences as well as the similarities between us, and I believe they have allowed me to return to the UK more educated and open-minded. I hope these experiences have encouraged me to show more humanity.

My first ever big trip overseas on my own was when I went to work in Brant Lake, NY for the summer. I was young, naive and I didn’t have a clue where I was going or what I was doing. I travelled around North East America and through Canada for a month with Kate, a seasoned traveller from New Zealand who had grown up in the UK. I will forever be indebted to Kate for everything she taught me about surviving on the road when you’re on a budget…


Gabriella, a Hungarian, helped me to understand what it’s like to grow up under communism. She taught me to live life for the moment and never take my freedom for granted. She also introduced me to some fun activities in Seefeld, like feeding the local wildlife…



In 2010 I took the trip of a lifetime from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Yosemite. 13 women from all over the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand plus our guide Casey (the only male!). We started the week as complete strangers, but by the end of the trip we had shared an experience and made a connection that some lifelong friendships don’t have…





I certainly met some interesting characters when I lived in Greece…


I can’t talk about travelling companions without mentioning Malcolm the Monkey. He’s been everywhere with me since I was 12 years old and, although he’s not really able to teach me anything, he’s certainly a talking point and leads me to meet lots of new people…




6 Replies to “Humanity”

  1. Sas thank you so much for the warm comments about me and my blog! Comments like these are what keep me writing!!! As for your post it is very touching. I agree, when I look back at all the wonderful people I’ve met through traveling either there or with me it is amazing! Even the humanity of the bloggers who I have not met face to face but have got to know them through their blogs. It is priceless. Beautiful entry!

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