Too Young to Wed: Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair’s fight to end child marriage

Please find 10 minutes in your day to watch this film. Child marriage is something that happens all over the world. I have lived in parts of Europe and heard stories of child brides just down the road. One day, the thought of marrying children off anywhere in the world will seem as archaic as it already does here in the UK and other western countries. We need to bring that day forward and end child marriage as soon as possible. I’ve always believed that education is the key to solving a lot of humanity’s problems. I’m lucky to have a father who believes I am entitled to the same education as my brother. We should pay that right forward to every young woman and girl in the world.


“Stephanie Sinclair has spent the last decade documenting some of the world’s most controversial subjects, from Yemen’s child brides to Texas’s polygamists. But her goal is simple: to record what is in front of her and pass as little judgement as possible”. Her beautiful photographs take us in and make us want to help change the tragic realities we are seeing. Her work also inspires hope that change is possible. 

In October, I had the honor of attending the ONE Women and Girls inaugural AYA Summit in Washington DC. The summit was an inspiring two days filled with some of the world’s leading speakers and do-gooders who advocate the rights of women and girls in the developing world.

On the first morning of the summit, I had the fortuitous opportunity to met a woman who has inspired me for years, award-wining photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair. Sinclair’s famous photo of Nujood Ali, who stunned the world in…

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3 Replies to “Too Young to Wed: Photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair’s fight to end child marriage”

  1. You are still one of my favorite blogs and I’m sad I am not able to keep up with every post. I’ve got one foot in the working world and one foot in the travel lifestyle. Trying to find balance. Keep up the awesome blogging.
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    1. Thanks Jessica:) I understand where you’re coming from, I feel like I’m trying to juggle about three different lives at the moment.

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