Travel theme: Environment

Environment is the subject of Ailsa’s travel theme this week (click here to see more entries). This is a topic that has so many meanings, and a word that I have heard used a lot for as long as I can remember. Nowadays, when we hear the word ‘environment’, a lot of us immediately associate it with things like climate change, extinction of species and deforestation. As a modern, Western human being, I am constantly torn between wanting to experience as many parts of the Earth’s environment as I can and at the same time preserve it for as long as possible. I am not naive, I know that every time I hike up a mountain, ski down a slope or use a concrete building, I am contributing to the destruction of our beautiful environment. So I try to strike a balance. I’ve been a plant-based vegetarian for over three years now, so my impact on the planet through my dietary choices has greatly reduced. I try to create as little waste as possible, and use biodegradable¬†products whenever I can. By taking these small steps, and more, I hope that I deserve to explore my environment a little more.

When I visited Iceland in February 2014, I encountered many varied and breathtaking environments…

DSC_0236 DSC_0197

In any ski resort you don’t have to look far to spot humanity’s impact on the environment. However, the views are still stunning…


The Grand Canyon was top of my bucket list for so many years, and is one of the best places I have ever visited. It is also a reminder that, no matter how much we play with our planet, we will never be bigger than nature…


We are now able to fiddle with the environment so much that we can even write in the sky, as I discovered in Los Angeles…


We can build our structures, but other creatures will still find their space in this environment we share…


And finally, a display in Las Vegas that reminded me you sometimes have to put yourself in the position of others’ and see things from their viewpoint…



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