Travel theme: Fantastic

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is a fitting tribute to the author Terry Pratchett, who sadly passed away on Thursday. Growing up, I read a lot of books and I am a massive Discworld fan. I am lucky to say that I met Pratchett once at a book signing in Preston. He was a lovely, gracious man. There aren’t many people who have left me starstruck, but he definitely makes the list. His ability to transport you to a magical, fantasy land has inspired my writing and photography for years. I wonder how many of these photos I would have taken if I hadn’t had knowledge of the Discworld at the back of my mind.



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4 Replies to “Travel theme: Fantastic”

    1. Thank you 🙂 The first photo was taken whilst skiing in Arcalis, Andorra. It was so windy, it took all my effort to stay still on my skis so I could take the shot!

  1. Phenomenal photos! I wish you labeled all of them. They all look like they are from very different places.

    1. Sorry, I posted it in a bit of a rush so didn’t label them. The first photo was on a ski trip to Arcalis in Andorra, the second in Tarascon, France on the way to Andorra. The geysir is in Iceland, the beach in Port Eynon (West Wales), then the glacier in Iceland again. The books were an art exhibit in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. The seventh photo was taken in Joshua Tree, the eighth in Port Eynon again. The lake is in Yosemite, and finally the last photo is of a little play hut for kids that I helped to build in Anglesey, North Wales. Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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