Beneath Your Feet

This week’s photo challenge is Beneath Your Feet. It’s an ironic subject matter for me as I’m currently sat on the sofa with a possible broken toe. My feet aren’t going anywhere for the moment.

When I’m travelling, I make a point of looking above me and also beneath my feet to seek out things that I wouldn’t otherwise notice. I particularly like taking photos of unusual surfaces beneath my feet.

In Iceland, I walked onto a frozen lake…


In Death Valley I walked on salt…


I  like to have snow beneath my feet (or skis) whenever possible…


And, most recently, I got the chance to experience a glacier beneath my feet while walking in crampons in Alaska…



4 Replies to “Beneath Your Feet”

  1. Fantastic photos Sas! How did you break your toe? I broke my foot once and it was absolutely horrible. In a boot for five months with two little kids and miserable since I am so active.

    1. I stubbed it on a piece of furniture. Done it a hundred times before and only bruised it, but unfortunately this time I must have hit it at just the wrong angle 😦

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