I live in Cardiff, a city that is forever changing. Buildings appear  and disappear, roads move, traffic changes direction and giant rugby balls crash into the castle. Sometimes the changes are so frequent that developers have to put up temporary maps to guide residents through the chaos. A couple of years ago, I took a photo of the derelict building below. Industrial subjects appeal to me, and I had this strange feeling that I needed to preserve the scene with my camera. Shortly afterwards, the building was knocked down and plans for new residential units were pinned to the fence. I have returned every few months since to document the changes in the site. The new buildings are almost complete now, and this is their story so far.

DSC_0347 DSC_0963DSC_0475

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5 Replies to “Change”

  1. Dramatic change in the buildings. I remember discovering St David’s centre and being in awe of how modern it was! There was a super cool food court in the centre where you could eat lots of different nationalities of food. I am glad the Castle hasn’t moved!!

    1. I think the castle is safe 🙂 I used to work in the Hayes before St Davids (and the food court!) was built. I can remember what it looked like then, but I can’t match it up to how it looks now. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the great comment 🙂

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