Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

The hardest part of this week’s photo challenge for me was remembering to take the photos throughout the day!

My plan was to post my entry yesterday (Wednesday – the day in question), but unfortunately I lost my internet connection – again! So, here is a typical weekday in my life:


During the week, I get up at 5am(ish – it’s usually closer to 5.30). I prepare my breakfast – buckwheat flakes and agave syrup – yum!


I’ve got my mornings down to a routine now, although it can vary depending on how awake I am feeling. I fill the coffee machine, put the buckwheat on a low heat, jump in the shower, drink a glass of spirulina (to help me combat my allergies), take a B12 tablet and a spoonful of flax oil, pour a cup of coffee (decaff with soya milk), fill my flask and pack lunch for work and – hey presto! – the buckwheat is ready.

I drive to work for 6.30am. Unfortunately, as I work for a bank, data protection laws prevent me from taking photos of what I do.


Lunch today is at 11am. I almost always take my own lunch into work. It looks pretty boring, but I assure you it’s very yummy (thanks to Somer for the pudla recipe). Hopefully, once this long winter is over, we will have some more colourful summer produce available.



If I don’t have something social planned, I try to do something active every evening during the week. Some nights I go to the climbing wall, for a swim or to an exercise class. Tonight it’s a run around the lake (avoiding the swans and geese!) and then to the gym for some weights and 20 minutes on the cross trainer.


Just after 8pm I get home and have a nice hot shower (why is it still so cold???? It’s April!) before making dinner and preparing lunch for tomorrow. I always prepare my lunch the night before, to save time in the morning, and for Thursday it’s baked tofu and left over salad (thanks goes again to Somer, this time for recommending the tofu press). Plus a couple of apples and a 9 bar for snacking on.

After drying my hair and some reading, I’m off to sleep at about 10.30pm. All ready for it to start again tomorrow. I’ve never noticed before how much my day revolves around food!

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