This week’s photo challenge is all about Scale (click here to see more entries). I love playing about with scale when I’m taking photos. Like in this shot that I took in Death Valley. Although is caused me a few cuts to my legs and hands, I was intrigued by the salt floor that we were walking on. I held the camera as low as I could and then pointed it up towards two of my travel companions who were picking their way across the difficult landscape. Casey (in the background) almost looks like a subbuteo figure that I’ve placed on top of a rock.


Travel theme: Dry

Due to the insane amount of rain a lot of us are experiencing this week, Ailsa has chosen Dry as her travel theme. Click here to see more entries.

Death Valley is the place I think of when I think ‘dry’. Even the water in my water bottle seemed to evaporate before my eyes!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This week’s photo challenge is Lost in Details. Click here to see the other entries.

I love getting lost in details. In fact, I’m quite often in danger of getting too lost in details and missing the bigger picture.


I took this photo when I visited the salt flats in Death Valley. My sense that was stimulated the most when I first walked onto the salt-covered landscape was my hearing. You can hear the constant cracking of the salt all around you. I wanted to capture that memory with my camera, so I got into the salt as closely as I could.

My other senses didn’t miss out. The views over the basin are incredible, smelling the air and tasting fragments proved that it is indeed salt, and I certainly felt the sharp edges that it forms when I tried to walk across it in flip-flops!

Travel Theme: Hot

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Hot. As it is currently incredibly cold here in Wales I’m hoping this theme will help me feel a bit warmer.

Myrtos Beach
I experienced a lot of hot places when I lived in Greece, including Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia
Death Valley is probably the hottest place I’ve ever visited, though. We’d prepared by filling our water bottles up before we got there, but even they were boiling within an hour.
I thought I might be imagining things when I saw the General Store. I bought soda and an ice lolly and they tasted sooooo good.