Even if you’ve never visited San Francisco, you’re probably familiar with the sight of the Golden Gate bridge. However, you way not have seen it like this before. I really hope this never happens, and I doubt it ever will, but if the cables on the bridge were to fray this is how they would look. The ‘cables’ are actually made up of thousands of smaller cables bound together, and they allow the bridge to move (within reason) so that it doesn’t just break as soon as there’s a strong wind. We have a suspension bridge in Newport, South Wales that is built on a similar design and there are times that I have seen the whole bridge literally bouncing. I remember one night, when I was living in Newport, the winds were so strong that you could hear the cables whipping in the wind. I was almost too scared to cross!

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Travel theme: Orange


Orange is my absolute favourite colour, always has been, so Ailsa’s travel theme could have been picked for me this week! Click here to see other entries.

Many people describe the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as red, but it’s actually a shade of orange.


Like all the ex-miners who work there, Andrew wears bright orange overalls when he’s at Big Pit.




And it seems they like orange in LA too!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Halloween was less eerie and more funny for me this year. As if my friends Geri and Chris dressed as the Red Queen and the Madhatter from Alice in Wonderland wasn’t comedy enough, the sight of James running down the street wearing a Morticia Addams costume had me in stitches!

During my travels, I have found myself in eerie situations, though. I don’t usually hang around to take a photo, but I did manage to get this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


It wasn’t so much the fog that spooked me (hey, I live in Wales) as the speed at which it appeared. Only seconds before, the bridge had been in full view.

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Travel theme: Bridges

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Just like Ailsa, I have also visited the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, I cycled over it!


I got to walk up onto the Rio-Antirrio Bridge when I visited Patras in Greece.


My final bridge is, I believe, situated in Lake Havasu City (please correct me if I am wrong!). ‘London Bridge’ was sold to a local who then shipped it out to America and rebuilt it brick by brick. I’m sure I remember our guide telling us that it is called London Bridge because the buyer thought he was buying the genuine article, but was infact conned. Again, please let me know if I have got this story wrong. Whether a con or not, this little London bridge might not be as impressive as its cousin in England’s capital, but its still a sight worth seeing.