Travel theme: Above


When Ailsa asked us to share our favourite experiences of being ‘Above’ for this week’s travel theme, there was only one place on my mind. Flying over the Grand Canyon ticked off so many items on my bucket list – my first time flying in a helicopter, visiting my number one dream destination and doing something awesome for my 30th birthday.

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Travel theme: Deep

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Probably the deepest thing I have ever seen is the Grand Canyon. It’s so big that it was almost too much for my mind to take in, I still felt like I was looking at a picture.


Melissani Lake in Kefalonia is one of the most entrancing places I have ever been. Although the lake itself is very shallow, it sits at the bottom of a deep cave. Sunlight streams through a hole in the top of the cave and turns the water to an incredible turqoise blue.

Melissani (2)Melissani

And finally, trying to snow shoe walk in deep snow at Seefeld in Austria, with hilarious consequences.


Travel Theme: Flow

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I decided to use one of my photos of the mighty Colorado River as it cuts its way through the Grand Canyon. I apologise for the poor photography, but I was in a tiny helicopter, way above the river. It was very sobering to look down at this view. I have to say though, apart from one moment of turbulance that even surprised our lovely pilot Ryan, the flight was very smooth.


Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

People are always telling me what I can’t do. Like when I was told (by lots of friends, family and virtual strangers) that I couldn’t spend my 30th birthday travelling in the USA on my own. This photo of me stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon proves that not only could I do it, but I did and I had an amazing time.

My inspiration in writing this blog is that I get to tell people to ignore the naysayers. Aim to achieve your dreams.

Malcolm the Monkey

When I was 12 years old, my parents took me on my first trip abroad. It was a coach trip to the Black Forrest in Germany. I can’t recall now whether it was on the way there or the way back, but at some point we journeyed through Belgium and my dad bought me a toy monkey from a service station. I lovingly named my monkey Malcolm, after our coach driver, and kept him close by the whole trip.

That was twenty years ago. Since then, Malcolm has accompanied me on many more trips around Europe as well as venturing across the ocean with me to North America on a few occasions. Wherever we go, Malcolm always creates a talking point. When other travellers see him, they quite often admit to having their own cuddly toy or personal totem that they take with them whenever they travel.

Malcolm is semi-retired now, I usually only take him on the big trips. I didn’t take him with me on my recent trip to Italy, and I missed him. I felt bad for leaving him out, so I thought I’d make it up to him by sharing with you some of his travel photos.


Malcolm and I with some fellow travel buddies in New York


Watching the sun rise over the Grand Canyon


On a trip the USA in 2010, my travel companions thought it would be funny to keep kidnapping Malcolm and have him show up in random places…


… he was even found driving the bus one morning!

Do you have a travel buddy that you always take with you wherever you go?

Travel Theme: Animals

When I saw that Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Animals I immediately thought of this little guy that I photographed at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon local

I know it’s not my best photograph ever, but I asked him to stop so I could take the picture and he did!