Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

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The only way you can go in a bobsleigh is forward!

I took these photos of the Olympic Bobsleigh in Innsbruck, Austria when I was accompanying a group of my guests there one night. They had all paid for the opportunity to ride the famous bobsleigh run. I was given the chance to join them, but I admit that I chickened out. I love throwing myself down a mountain on skis, but I don’t trust equipment that I’m not in control of.

As my colleague for the evening jumped in the final bobsleigh, she told me that I’d made the worng decision. The road journey back down to the bottom was a lot scarier that the bobsleigh run. Twenty incredibly frightening minutes later I had to agree with her. It had taken all my strength to hold on to anything as I’d bounced around in the seatless,¬†open truck as it hurtled down the steep road at break neck speed. Maybe next time I’ll take the bobsleigh!

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