Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light

48 hours in Vegas - it was everything I expected and more

Lights have been a big talking point here in Cardiff recently, because all the Christmas lights have been officially turned on among much fanfare and fuss. Now, I know I’m from Blackpool (home of the famous Blackpool Illuminations) and therefore not easily impressed by lights, but I really don’t get why everyone gets so excited about a string of bulbs with a star on the end.

There is one place I’ve been to where the lights left even a Sandgrown’un (someone from Blackpool) like me open-mouthed – Las Vegas!

This post is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light, click here to see more entries.


Travel theme: Big

When I read that Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Big (click here to see more entries), it reminded me of my trip to Las Vegas three years ago. There are alot of things about Vegas that are big, as Ailsa’s photo of the Gordon Ramsey Steak advert show. When I was there, one of the hotels had a garden display where everything was HUGE, and we were made to feel very small in comparison.

Travel Theme: Dance

I’m returning to Las Vegas again for this week’s travel theme – Dance – and the Bellagio fountains. Click here to see more entries.

For a show that revolves around only one element, water, the fountains in front of the Bellagio hotel on the Las Vegas strip blow your mind. Watching the jets of water as they seamlessly move from small, gentle splashes to big, dramatic towers almost as big as the building itself is mesmerising. And all of it is choreographed perfectly to theatrical music. It’s like watching a dance where all the dancers are in exact time with each other.


If you do visit Vegas, it’s worth going to see the fountain show after dark too. I did try and take more photos, but unfortunately by that point I’d had a bit too much champagne and the pictures didn’t come out too well 🙂

Travel theme: Light

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Light. Click here to see more entries.

I grew up in Blackpool, the home of the famous Illuminations, or as we call them locally the lights. From late August every year, after all the other British seaside resorts have shut up shop for the season, the coastline of Blackpool is lit up with one of the most amazing light displays in the world. The extended season lasts until early November, when the Christmas lights take over (these are purely for the locals, and to be honest are just a reduced version of the Illuminations with a few santa hats and candy canes added). After leaving Blackpool, light displays in other towns just didn’t match up for me. The first year I moved to Wales, I was living in Newport and a friend asked if I was going to see the turning on of the Christmas lights in the town centre. I politely pointed out that I’m from Blackpool and therefore probably wouldn’t be that impressed by a few bulbs on a string.

I never thought anywhere would live up to the lights in my home town, until I heard about Las Vegas. Surely there couldn’t be a place on this Earth that was cheesier, tackier and even more lit up than Blackpool? Oh yes there could!

And so I share with you my photos of the lights of Vegas, the only place in the world where I have felt like (and wanted to be) a tourist.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This post is my contribution to this week’s photo challenge Illumination.

I grew up in Blackpool, Lancashire, home to the famous Illuminations. Every year, from August until November,  the full stretch of promenade (6 miles) from Gynn Square to Star Gate is lit up with the most incredible light display using over one million bulbs. So, when it comes to lights I’m pretty hard to impress. As pretty as the Christmas Lights are here in South Wales, they’re just never going to match up.

For me to be moved by illumination, I had to go somewhere bigger, brighter and even more cheesy than Blackpool. There was only one place on Earth that fit the bill – Las Vegas!

The famous Las Vegas sign
The jaw-droppingly spectacular biggest TV in the world
The whole town lights up at night. It really is incredible.

Travel Theme: Bright

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Bright. We definitely need some brightness to stand out against the autumnal colours in wet, windy Wales at the moment.

Ithaca Shop Front

During my time working in Greece, I was lucky enough to visit the small but beautiful island of Ithaca. Compared to its larger neighbours, there’s not much on the island, but I’ve never seen a place look so bright and colourful. I loved this shop front with it’s mysterious looking jars in the window.

Ithaca boat

Even the sea was a bright turquoise blue.

The biggest TV in the world, Las Vegas

I couldn’t resist putting in a shot from Vegas as well. This is the biggest TV in the world. Coming from Blackpool, I thought I was used to bright lights, but nothing could prepare me for what I saw in Vegas. Before I took this shot, I’d just stood there for five minutes with my mouth open.