Taking a ‘step’ into the unknown

Every year, I challenge myself to visit at least one new place and try at least one new activity. If you haven’t already guessed from my terrible pun in the title of this post, which I apologise profusely for, my latest attempt at a new activity is ‘Step Class’.

The step class at my local community centre is between my usual gym time and yoga class, so I quite often catch bits of it as I walk past to use the changing rooms. Since I first saw all those energetic steppers bouncing away, I’ve wanted to give step class a try, but I kept putting it off and making excuses. Why do we do that? I get really nervous before I go into any new group situation for the first time, and I know it’s ridiculous. I’ll either like it, or not. If it’s the latter, then I just won’t go again, as in the case of the Core Strength Workout that I tried at the local climbing wall (http://thetravelbug.blog.co.uk/2012/02/14/core-strength-12782430/ for anyone who hasn’t read my old blog). So, this week, I had a word with myself and promised myself I’d make it to step class. And I am so glad that I did, because not only was it a good workout but I had a blast doing it.

For anyone else who is old enough to remember, the step instructor reminds me of Victoria Wood in the sketch where she played the substitute aerobics instructor. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. She is brilliant. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, and she constantly looks out for us clueless beginners who watch in confusion as the experienced regulars throw themselves into the more difficult routines. Even with my dance background, I think it’s going to take me a few weeks until I can keep up with them.

The hour flew by so quickly because I was enjoying it so much and concentrating so hard on what I was doing. Personally, I really enjoy sports where I have to think, so step class is perfect for me. It took me back to my dancing days, having to remember routines and make sure you’re on the correct leg and using your arms at the same time.

My only worry is that after a few weeks the class could get a bit repetitive. I’m hoping that she mixes it up a bit now and then. For now, though, I’m loving step. Bring on the next class!


Me, all in one place

I’ve decided to simplify my life. Well, my online life at least.

For the past year, I have been writing two blogs under the pseudonym ‘the travel bug’. http://thetravelbug.blog.co.uk/ has documented my mission to travel to new places and try new activities, and http://freerangecarrots.blogspot.co.uk/ followed my quest to lead a plant-based, more environmentally-aware lifestyle. Splitting my writing between two blogs has become confusing, and time consuming, especially with the painfully slow internet connection that I get on my tired, old laptop here in South Wales. Quite often, the topics I was writing about on one blog would blur with those on the other, so it seemed logical to bring the two together. Whilst planning my new blog, I realised that merging the two old ones created a profile of my life. Using the name ‘the travel bug’ seemed redundant when I could just be me.

Since I started blogging, I have enjoyed reading other writers’ blogs. They have educated me, entertained me and inspired me. Most of the blogs I have read have been right here on WordPress, so it was the obvious home for Sasieology.

Anyone who has read my other blogs will know that technology is not my strong point, and I am not great at navigating web pages. Therefore, I ask for your patience until I get Sasieology to where I want it to be. As we say here in Wales ‘Dyfal donc i dyr y garreg’ (It’s a steady tapping that breaks the stone). Or, in other words, I’ll get there in the end.