Travel theme: Up

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Up. Click here to see the other entries.

This gives me an opportunity to talk about one of my favourite subjects – skiing! I know I manage to fit skiing into almost any theme, but bear with me on this one.

To have the opportunity to ski down a mountain, you have to get up there in the first place. A lot of hard-core touring skiers walk up the mountain, but I prefer to take the easier route – lifts.

Going up…
The view from my skis
This chair lift in Seefeld also allows you to get on halfway up. They got the sequence wrong one day and I had to shout to the lifty to turn it off before a big Austrian man sat on my knee!

6 Replies to “Travel theme: Up”

      1. Have you been there before? I worked in Kitzbuhel for two winters, it’s an amazing resort and they should have good snow this year. Enjoy 🙂

      2. We were there in October so there was no snow but the place we are staying at is very nice. Great to hear there is gonna be good snow! This is going to be my second time skiing (only 2 days of skiing last year with work and I am hooked!)

      3. If you’re not a very experienced skier the bowl on the Kitzbhueler Horn is a good place to explore. There’s lot of different terrain to explore there, but on a small area so you don’t get bothered so much by the experienced skiers. The nightlife is really good is Kitzbuhel too. Your lift pass gets you discount at the swimming baths as well, and it’s a great place to chill out at the end of a days skiing.

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